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Starblazer Adventures' Journal
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Below are the 15 most recent journal entries recorded in Starblazer Adventures' LiveJournal:

Monday, July 13th, 2009
2:27 pm
Starblazer Adventures Nominated for 3 ENnies!
The ENnie Awards 2009 Nominations were announced today. The shortlist is chosen by the ENnies Judges and voted upon by fans (ie - you guys).

Cubicle 7 has been nominated for three awards for Starblazer Adventures and is currently also on the short list for the Fan Nominated Best Publisher of the Year Award.

Starblazer Adventures is nominated in the following categories: Best Rules; Best Game and Product of the Year.

Voting goes live on Friday 24th July and lasts until 1st August, with the Award ceremony taking place at GenCon in Indianapolis on the evening of Friday 14th August.

Our thanks go to everyone involved in the creation of Starblazer Adventures - and those who have nominated us for Best Publisher - and we'll be on the canvassing band wagon soon to try and get your votes! :p

For the full list of 2009 ENnie Award Nomineescheck out http://bit.ly/4x0iqt

Many thanks and best wishes,

Angus @ C7 HQ
Friday, May 22nd, 2009
2:23 pm
Victoriana and Starblazer Adventures in Previews Magazine!
The May 2009 Edition of Previews (Issue #248) is soliciting our two July releases!

They are on Page 423 in the Games section of the magazine.

Victoriana 2nd Edition and Starblazer Adventures are both due for retail release in July and are the launch of our new monthly release schedule (more news of that to follow in about a week). Previews is a magazine I've been getting for many, many years as it THE source for all the hot new comics (both major and indie publishers), games, t-shirts, action figures and everything else comics/games orientated. I've found many a good, obscure, comic title it it's hallowed pages over the years so it brought a big smile to my face to finally see titles that I'm involved with gracing its pages.
I was bouncing so much I even bounced to the other side of the office and scanned the page with our books in so I can show you all!

(Sorry, for some reason I can't uplaod a bigger image of the page at present...)

Both books are now available to pre-order through comic and games stores everywhere!
Friday, August 1st, 2008
11:02 am
Masterplan Interview up!
Hey folks i did an interview with Ryan Macklin's Masterplan recently and it just went up - i'm chatting about both Starblazer and Doctor Who so go and check it out!
Thursday, July 31st, 2008
4:40 pm
Wednesday, July 30th, 2008
4:45 pm
Starblazer Adventures on sale!!
we're finally on sale with Starblazer Adventures - pdf just went up on RPGNow and is already selling at $30! The print pre-order should kick in on the Cubicle 7 site soon so if you're after a print copy hang on cos you'll get the pdf free of charge while you wait!


i can't tell you how it feels, but it will be even better when i've got a printed copy!
Wednesday, July 16th, 2008
10:37 am
Starblazer PDF Preview - Now Available

The Starblazer Adventures PDF Preview is now available to download from the Cubicle 7 website. At 40 pages it's a nice taster of what to expect from the book when it's released first at GenCon Indy and then later through stores when the rest of the stock arrives in the warehouse.

Anyway, if you're interested please head over to our site, or hop direct to the Starblazer Adventures section of it via this here link! Then click on Downloads.

I hope you enjoy it!

Angus Abranson
Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd
London, UK
Publishers of SLA Industries, Victoriana, Starblazer Adventures, QIN: The Warring States and the Doctor Who Role Playing Game
LiveJournal: www.livejournal.com/users/angusabranson/
Monday, June 30th, 2008
11:22 am
Latest press on Starblazer Adventures
The momentum continues to build on Starblazer Adventures - we've just had an amazing double page spread in Britain's iconic 2000AD Megazine comic - check out photobucket scans here...



Should be going to pre-sale mid July but will keep you all posted! 

Monday, November 26th, 2007
5:21 pm
Starblazer Adventures in Deathray Magazine
 Starblazer Adventures get's a plug in the UK's other glossy sci-fi magazine Deathray out now on page 23. 

5:13 pm
Starblazer Forums Ablaze!
Hey folks the Starblazer Adventures forums are alive and kicking now so if you fancy getting involved in discussions drop in to http://cubicle7.clicdev.com/f/ 

If you want to get involved in playtesting drop me a line

Thursday, November 22nd, 2007
1:02 pm
Starblazer/Cubicle 7 in SFX Magazine!
SFX Magazine has an interview with Starblazer RPG Line Developer Chris Birch and original series editor Bill McLoughlin on page 23 of the current issue (#164 - The Christmas Issue).

Plus Dragonmeet gets a plug :)

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007
11:09 am
Starblazer is coming!
We're getting there, the book is in editing and layout at the moment, and I just wanted to recap on a few things.

It's been an incredible challenge to write, and so much fun. I was determined to get everything in I've always thought was missing from other sci-fi RPG's and hopefully I've achieved that. We've got lots of plans for follow up supplements but you'll be glad to know you can do *everything* with the core book. 

That's right I'm afraid if you buy the core book you might have everything you need, nope, no starship rules to buy, no alien races guide to buy, no special powers book to buy...it's all there already. What we have got planned for follow up is going to be really cool and will build on what we've already provided. For example detailed campaigns, even story teller / gm tools, more artwork, a supplement that deals with the 50 plus fantasy issues that opens up magic and the long running Anglerre and Demon Sword campaigns.

So what about the core book, what are you getting? Well you'll be creating and flying starships and star empires just like characters, there's rules for running empires, galactic conspiracies, diplomacy on a government level, fleet battles resolved with just a few dice and an awesome amount of story teller tools including two different plot generators depending on your style of play, planet generators, alien race generators, special powers and mutant abilities, how to create and fight vast star creatures..I could go on.

We're illustrating the book with tons and tons of great art from across the stories and providing endless ideas for missions and adventures to get you going.

I'm starting work on a free preview asap so there's hopefully going to be be something to get your hands on especially if you're not that familiar with the Fate rules. After years reading and playing games I felt this was a great system to use to reflect the rock and roll attitude of the game and has been so much fun running with our playtest groups. 

Come and see us at Dragonmeet on the 1st Dec. I'll be running some demo games and answering loads of questions, and talking about what we're doing next with the licence.
With a bit of luck you'll be able to buy a copy too!

Saturday, August 18th, 2007
12:39 am
Starlbazer Cover and sell sheet live

We'll we've finally got a cover and a sales sheet that's currently being touted by distributors and the Cubicle 7 gang at Gen Con in the US. To see this and the sales sheet at a much more respectable size check out the official website StarblazerAdventures.com

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007
6:16 pm
Starblazer Fate Update
Arggg!!!! Cried the spacer as he was hit by three successive photon blasts from the maw of the starship eating alien

Well it's somewhat how I'm feeling at the moment just coming out the other side of a major trade show, no not for games but fashion. With my other hat on I design clothing for Joystick Junkies and we had this incredible deadline to prepare samples of over 60 different garments based around some of the hottest video games for a massive fashion show that 100,000 attended in Barcelona. Fingers crossed there might be some very cool Starblazer stuff later in the year.

Okay okay, I'm just bitching okay! So back to Starblazer and FATE! I'm currently reviewing artwork for the front cover which has to be finalised for the end of this month, including the logo and of course the name. Well yes it is being called Starblazer but the full name we have decided on is Starblazer Adventures. It's been mentioned a lot before but I just hadn't really put much thought in to the actual name until the discussion this week. 

Writing continues apace on the core rules, with so much to add in. I'm editing down a lot of the FATE 3 text and trying to simplify wherever possible, which is hard as Fred and co did such a great job of describing how to play Fate. What I am trying to do is draw together a summary of all the most important rules in one place at the beginning of the book. 

Saying that we are behind schedule - what game isn't?! I'm not too worried, however I do have this awfully bad but good feeling when it rains at the weekends as it means I don't have to feel guilty about not being out enjoying the weather. I really do have to do some crunch time on the rules and background and the rest of July and August is it!

We have two weekends coming up with good friends and co-writers coming together to finalise all the notes and research on the 281 comics - it's a heck of a lot to get through. Stuart Newman is one, a long time co-writer on game projects and friend who's shared far too many ups and downs with me! The other is new friend Emma Bagwell who turns out to be a massive comic fan and is helping with the research.

Thanks to Stuart, we've got a Starblazer private wiki coming together, for all the writers involved in the project, and people who buy the RPG book will also get access to it (ooh secret stuff huh!). 

I'm still working on all the GM goodies that will come in the core book, keep having great ideas which is not helpful when you're trying to pin it all down, well there's always supplements...

Okay better get on with it!
Monday, June 11th, 2007
11:55 am
Starblazer character creation

I've been working through the chapter on character creation and drawing together a whole bunch of ideas this week. 

Spirit of the Century see's you going through various phases, starring, and co-starring in each other's pulp adventure books to help you develop your background and selection of skills and aspects.

In Starblazer you'll be appearing in one of more Starblazer legends, basically the various comic stories that you'll be able to pick and choose from, unless you want to make up your own. To give people some suggestions we're going to detail example Aspects, Skills and Stunts that you could have picked up in the course of those legends. 

In playtesting we also used the quick and dirty method of getting players (non-gamers) going with just a couple of aspects, a couple of stunts and 4 skills at Average, 2 at Fair and 1 at Good. Sounds low but they were supposed to be young twenty something's on a colony world who get caught up a pirate attack. This worked really well as they could add skills, aspects and stunts as they thought of cool ways of describing themselves. New players just simply don't know the rules well enough to figure out what's best to use. 

As other games do we'll give several methods of starting up - with 3 levels of play - Gritty, Standard and Heroic - with Heroic depending on the flavour of campaign you want, plus a little more info on the quick and dirty method especially for getting new gamers on board. 

I recently discovered Fred's notes on the skill pyramid (Pyramid Reloaded) which talks about buying pyramid slots, as opposed to buying skills. What I really like is the idea of being able to move skills up or down within the pyramid as your character develops and a much more organic character progressing is now coming together. 

This also caused a re-think on the skill list. I had originally thought of reducing the skill list down a little, but looking at these new ideas on the skill pyramid and progressing led me to think that a slightly wider skill list wouldn't be so bad. In fact Starblazer really requires some more space based skills in order to differentiate characters. More on that later. 

Finally I'm also working on the concept of careers, originally this was going to come in the form of a kind of super skill that actually gave you access to a small collection of relevant skills but this didn't fit. Instead we're creating some cool Aspects (that you can re-word but they're starting points) and these unlock certain skill based stunts relevant to those careers. 

Monday, May 21st, 2007
6:38 pm
Starblazer design quest
Well I'm slowly sifting through the FATE 3 rules, Fred's notes on Dresden Files (don't ask I'd have to set the star hounds of krell on you), my own design notes and comments and ideas from a ton of people on rpg.net and the Fate Yahoo group. 

On the one hand it's fantastic to have so much material and support to work with, and on the other it's quite daunting to pull it all together in a sensible manner, and it has to be done soon in order to get playtest materials ready for all the groups around the world who'll be helping to knock this in to shape.

We're slowly researching all the settings at the moment - there's so much incredible material in the Starblazer issues, and are drawing together the best bits in to the three proposed settings for the core book. 

I'm currently looking at some of the more unsual or new ideas that I'm introducing from ship/fleet actions to running organisations, running empires, collaboratively creating the setting, character advancement, generators for aliens, creatures, worlds, adventures, gear, starships, plots and much more. A lot of stuff is still drifting around in my head as i ponder on what is good use of the valuable pages in the core release.

I'm also playtesting a really run party game with my drama group which you can use to get non-gamer friends interested in trying a session of Starblazer and there's an introductory campaign that is coming together that is designed for totally new players as well as experienced.
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